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Our team has extensive experience in supporting Hyperscore installations and programs in public spaces such as cultural or art centers, museums, or music venues.

We provide Hyperscore licenses for public use, assistance designing the right program for your organization or event, as well as training for music instructors.

Hyperscore programs and events can be planned in many different formats depending on your organization’s goals, resources, audience, etc. Below, we outline some activities that can be used as a reference when designing the appropriate program for your organization.

Walk-in activity
As a museum installation or as an application available in educational computer centers or other settings where the public is engaged on a walk-in basis, Hyperscore’s intuitive interface allows for anyone to have a meaningful experience, from a 5-minute listening and experimentation opportunity, to a lengthier exploration in music-making.

Mentored workshops
Mentored workshops are the most effective way to get children involved in a more complex music-making experience. Activities can range from single 1-hour sessions to multiple sessions, depending on the goals, schedules, resources, etc., mentored directly by a Harmony Line Hyperscore instructor or by local instructors, trained by our team.

Compositions resulting from Hyperscore® activities may be performed live by appropriate ensembles. Harmony Line’s team can provide guidance and logistical advice or assistance with programming and presenting such events.

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