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User Guide
The Hyperscore User Guide is both built right into the software, and available online.


Hyperscore at Home
Hyperscore is a wonderful tool to unlock the music creativity in anyone. Hyperscore’s intuitive interface allows you to create complex music compositions regardless of previous formal music training.
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Hyperscore in Schools
Hyperscore is the first and only software application that teaches students the essentials of music composition without having to engage in years of music theory training.
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Hyperscore in Public Venues
Our team has extensive experience in supporting Hyperscore installations and programs in public spaces such as cultural or art centers, museums, or music venues.

We provide Hyperscore licenses for public use, assistance designing the right program for your organization or event, as well as training for music instructors.
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What's New?
You’ve tried Hyperscore before. Here’s what’s different in Hyperscore 4.5:

  • Polyphony in melody windows
  • A fully configurable grid in both the melody and
    sketch windows
  • Visual feedback in strokes on where motives repeat
  • Vastly improved line drawing and redrawing capabilities
  • An erase tool for cutting strokes where you want them to end
  • Triplets
  • No more note size limitations – make ‘em 64th notes or 8 measures long.

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