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Refund Policy - Boxed Version

Harmony Line Refund Policy for the Boxed Version

To obtain a refund on a product that was delivered to you by online download, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

Reason For Refund
Unless otherwise indicated, Harmony Line will only refund the purchase price if there is a technical problem with the software that, in Harmony Line’s judgment, cannot be resolved within 10 business days of your request.

All returns for downloaded software must be pre-authorized by Harmony Line, Inc. ("Harmony Line") as described below. Your right to obtain a refund for downloaded software lasts only for a limited time. Your request for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number ("RMA number") must be made to Harmony Line within 30 days of the date you purchased the software, and Harmony Line must receive, at its offices, your fully completed and signed Affidavit of Destruction within 35 days of the purchase date. No refund will be made until the Affidavit of Destruction has been received by Harmony Line, or if the time requirements described above are not met. Harmony Line is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail, delays for downloading, or other communication system delays.

Purchases From Other Parties
Products not purchased directly from Harmony Line must be returned to the place of purchase (Web store, etc.) and are subject to the return policies of the place of purchase.


RMA Numbers
To be entitled to a refund, you must obtain a RMA number by sending a request to Harmony Line at refunds@harmonylinemusic.com. You must include the following information to enable Harmony Line to identify your transaction: the Harmony Line purchase ID and date of purchase. If Harmony Line includes your complete request within 30 days of the date you purchased the software, you will be given a RMA number as well as a copy of an Affidavit of Destruction to be completed and returned to Harmony Line as described in the next paragraph.

Destruction of Software; Affidavit of Destruction
To be entitled to a refund, you must destroy all copies of the software you may have made or stored in any place, as well as uninstall the software from any computers where you have installed the software. You must also fill out all required information on the Affidavit of Destruction and return it to Harmony Line as instructed on the affidavit within 35 days of the date you purchased the software. Once you have returned the completed Affidavit of Destruction to Harmony Line, all licenses you may have to use the software will be immediately terminated, and any further use of the software will be an infringement of copyright as well as other intellectual property rights of Harmony Line and its licensors.

When Harmony Line receives your properly completed and signed Affidavit of Destruction within the time frame discussed above, Harmony Line Software will provide a refund to you in the amount you paid for the software plus, if applicable, any taxes charged with that order. Harmony Line will not refund any shipping or handling charges that may have been charged to you. Refunds will be made to the credit or debit card used to purchase the software. Please allow 30 days for the refund to be processed.

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