The Workspace Safes

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The Workplace Safes

Hyperscore has five safes positioned in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Each safe may contain a different Hyperscore piece, meaning that you can have five Hyperscore files open simultaneously. On opening a file, it will appear in whichever safe is open at the time and will replace whatever is in that safe. The contents of other safes will not be affected.

To move from one safe to another, simply click on the desired safe.

Material may be copied from one safe to another. Simply select and copy the required notes or strokes, change safes, select a Melody, Percussion or Sketch Window as appropriate and paste in the material. To copy an entire window from one safe to aother, select the window (Melody, Percussion or Sketch) but not the contents, copy (Ctrl-C), change safes and paste (Ctrl-V).

On closing Hyperscore, you will be prompted to save the contents of any safe which has been modified. These pieces will then be present in their respective safes on restarting the software.

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