Music Library Introduction

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The Hyperscore Music Library may be accessed by clicking on the Music Library Button at the bottom of the main workspace.

Music Library Button

The music Library contains Examples (whole pieces), Templates (partially complete pieces), Collections (sets of melodies and drumbeats that work well together) and Motives (individual Melody and Percussion Windows) that you can use to begin making your music.

These are organized into different styles, ranging from Hip Hop to Classical. Each ‘style’ contains music in that musical style divided into categories: Accompaniment, Bass, Melodic, and Percussion. These materials may be imported into Hyperscore and used to compose your own music.

The Music Library also contains an area where you may save your own music and a link to access the Hyperscore online Web Music collection, which is regularly updated with new Melody and Percussion examples. These may also be imported directly into your piece as standard or premium content.

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