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Menus Introduction
The File Menu
The Preferences Window
The Edit Menu
The Window Menu
Grid Settings
The View Menu
The Instruments Menu
The Help Menu
The Music Library
Loading Music from the Library
Saving Music to the Library
The Main Window
Tools in the Main Window
The Arrow Tool
The Pen Tool
The Droplet Tool
The Erase Tool
The Color Palette
The Tempo Slider
The Melody Window Tool
The Percussion Window Tool
The Sketch Window Tool
The Delete All Tool
The Workspace Safes
The Music Library Button
The Melody Window
Create a Melody Window
Placing Notes
Polyphonic Melody
Note Resize
Deleting Notes
Moving the Melody Window in the Workspace
Resizing the Melody Window
Assigning a Color to the Window
Melody Playback
Assigning Instrument Sounds
Melody Window - Stroke Relationship
Cut, Copy, Paste
The Percussion Window
Create A Percussion Window
About the Percussion Window
Placing Notes in the Percussion Window
Choosing Percussion Instruments
Copy and Paste
The Sketch Window
Create a Sketch Window
Resizing the Sketch Window
Drawing Strokes
Droplets and Dots
Sketch Playback
Moving Elements
Cutting Strokes
Deleting Elements
Stroke Position and Shape
Changing the Stroke Color
Stroke Options
Introduction to Harmony
General Mode
Classical Mode
The Harmony Line
Harmony Line Gestures
Harmony in General Mode
Harmony in Classical Mode
Unharmonize a Stroke
Exiting Hyperscore