Harmony in General Mode

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General Mode

In General Mode, curved gestures (green/blue region) have no effect on the tonal center in a major key.

A spike (yellow-shaded region) will effect a change in the tonal center.

The function of the line in General Mode is a little different from Classical Mode, as it will not effect a formal modulating harmonic progression. It will however change the tonal center based on the height of the spike. In these cases, pitched material on the right of the spike will now be shifted into the new key.

If the new key is major, the situation is relatively straightforward. If the new key is minor, the melodic minor scale will be used in both green-shaded curved sections and yellow-shaded modulating sections of the Harmony Line. In the blue-shaded regins and in flat (white) regions within a minor key section, the music will shift to the natural minor.

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