Droplets and Dots

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Selecting the Droplet Tool and clicking anywhere in the Sketch Window will place a Chord Droplet directly in the window.

placing droplets

These Droplets will sound a three-note chord rather then motivic material. The kind of chord sounded by a droplet will depend on the color. The colors and their respective chord types are:

Placing the Chord Droplet higher or lower in the Sketch Window will change the pitch (root) of the chord, but not the type of chord itself.

In 'None' (no harmony) mode, the Chord Droplets will always sound as their respective types. In the other harmonized modes, the notes of the Chord Droplets will shift to match the underlying harmony.

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To place a Dot in the Sketch Window, simply use the Pen Tool, select any color and click in the Sketch Window without dragging. This will place a Dot in the Sketch Window.

Placing Dots

A dot will not play the motivic material associated with the melody of that color. Rather, it will play a single note, the pitch of which depends on the horizontal placement of the Dot.

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