Cut, Copy, Paste

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You may cut, copy and paste notes either within a Melody Window or from one Melody Window to another.

To do this, first use the Arrow Tool to select the Melody Window from which you wish to cut or copy material. Now click and drag to select the notes you wish to copy. Selected notes will appear in a red rectangle.

Now select Cut or Copy from the Edit Menu, or press Ctrl+X to cut or Ctrl+C to copy the notes to the clipboard.

Select a new Melody Window. Make sure it is long enough to hold all the notes you have copied. Select Paste from the Edit Menu or press Ctrl+V and the notes will appear in the new window.

You may use the same technique to copy material between pieces stored in different safes. Simply perform the select and copy procedure in one safe, open another safe and paste the notes into a Melody Window as before.

You can also copy and paste entire Motive or Sketch windows. To do this, first select the required window (but not the contents) using the Arrow Tool and choose Ctrl-C to copy. When you paste (Ctrl-V), an exact copy of the Melody or Sketch window you selected will appear.

Note: To ensure you capture all the notes you wish to copy, you can start the click-and-drag action on the background canvas outside of the motive itself, provided the Melody Window has first been selected.

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